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100% transparent

The first smart contract of its kind, Point-to-point system.



Commissions paid instantly and directly to your wallet.



Buy BTC using P2P and exchange on any platform for TRX.


Intelligent System

100% of the benefits go to the members of the program.


Digital Cryptocurrency


It is a decentralized platform based on its own Blockchain. It aims to support smart contracts and large transaction volumes. Started operations with a value of US $ 0.002 (less than 1 cent). Tron was created in 2017 by Justin Sun, known as a crypto-celebrity. It had a historic high of nearly $ 0.26 and is estimated to be $ 1 in 2021. It is among the top 20 and largest cryptocurrencies in the world. It has an average daily turnover of over 1 billion dollars. TRON 4.0 is 30x faster than ETH and 800x faster than BTC. It is in hundreds of brokerages worldwide, including Binance, Poloniex and Novadax.

The Creator | Justin sun
Justin Sun was featured on the Forbes list "Asia's 30 under" at the age of 27. He is internationally recognized as a "crypto-celebrity". At the age of 28, his résumé de él adds executive positions in crypto. In addition to being CEO of Tron, he is also CEO of Bittorrent.



What is it and what are the advantages?

- Developed by Tron Smart Contract.
- Risk-free.
- 100% decentralized, transparent and anonymous.
- The first smart contract of its kind.
- Point to point system.
- Commissions paid instantly and directly in your portfolio.
- Payments 100% in Tron (TRX).
- Simple and rewarding, where everything that enters TRX is distributed among the members.
- No owner, no CEO, no administrator.

Your opportunity has arrived to accumulate
MILLIONS OF TRONS! Be part of it!



100% of the benefits stay with the members. We have a long-term business consisting of 10 levels and 10 phases. When a direct sale takes place, the gain is 50% of the contract value.

When an indirect sale takes place by someone on your team, 50% is distributed more into 10 levels of 5% for each level.

It is a 3x10 automatic matrix where it accommodates its direct, indirect lines and overflows automatically following a rule from top to bottom from left to right.



Where all the payment cycles are repeated but with higher values because your same team accompanies you in all phases.

If you win 10x your current package, you must purchase the next higher level to continue winning.

Failure to upgrade will temporarily suspend your position and all income will be transferred to the next available level above. Your earnings will restart after the upgrade.

Updates do not occur automatically, they must be done manually to continue earning with the program. You only earn 5% if you are active on the stage.

By upgrading before reaching 5x earnings you will have a 20% discount from the next phase to the current one.



Commissions will be distributed in the same way each time an upgrade occurs. Likewise, when your referral and spill partners from their Upgrades too, you will receive the commission instantly in your wallet.

You can EARN an UNLIMITED amount of the program by purchasing the 10 steps.



All commissions earned are paid Directly and Instantly to all participants through the SMART CONTRACT.

There is no chance of delay in receiving your payments, everything is decentralized and there is no company or administrator to authorize.

You will never have to wait, everything is always done instantly for your TRON (TRX) wallet.

Payments are made via P2P (peer2peer), it does not store any of your personal information or wallet addresses.

Wallets | Exchange


Today TRON is traded in hundreds and in the main brokers in the world, including Binance, Poloniex and Novadax.

How to buy TRON (TRX)
- Buy ETH or BTC using P2P (bank transfer) or your debit / credit card.
- Go to any crypto exchange platform.
- Change BTC / ETH to TRX.
- Send TRX to your chosen Wallet.
- Participate in the program.

How to convert TRON (TRX)
- Send TRX from your wallet to any exchange crypto of your choice.
- Use the market to exchange TRX on Fiat / BTC / ETH / USD.

Simple TRX - Tron

Business plan


Our affiliate program is easy and highly rewarding. The earning potential in this business is genuinely unlimited. You can activate as many levels as you want at once, but you must purchase all the steps in order. Download and get to know the Simple TRX - TRON business plan!



10 phases to boost your business

You and your referrals create a team in PHASE 1 and all members accompany you in the next 10 phases, generating incredible and residual gains. There are up to 88,572 members generating commissions for direct referrals, indirect referrals and upgrades. All of this multiplied in 10 phases and where each phase pays double the amount of Trons compared to the previous phase.



It is a teaching platform for all members for unlimited and continuous use. Crypto Academy aims to transform our members into connoisseurs of the blockchain world and the world of cryptocurrencies.

The crypto academy is an information and training content always up to date helping both the beginner and the professional to have a safe experience in the incredible universe of cryptocurrencies.

Welcome to the future

Be part of an exclusive group that is changing lives and helping thousands of people succeed in this world of cryptocurrencies. We are Simple TRX.

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